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Crafts tour

Krushevo is one of few remaining locations in Macedonia where the visitors can get close insight of the craft traditions which date back from the times when the city was becoming important trading hub in the 18th and 19th century. The barrel maker and the blacksmith, along with few other of the last crafts men of Krushevo will demonstrate their old style work routines during this one of a kind day trip around the city's narrow cobblestone streets.

Tour features

Duration: 5-6 hours

Hotel accomodation: NA

Airport transfers: NA

Guide: Yes

Group sizes: up to 12 persons


During this unique day trip our guests are taken for a visit of the last craft workshops in Krushevo (possibly in Macedonia). In each workshop the master will demonstrate the process of production of wood barrels (barrel maker) / copper pots (copper smith) / iron products (black smith). Guests will enjoy coffee and will have the opportunity for conversation with the host, ask questions.

If some of the guests wish so, they will be allowed to participate in the work.

Price and Inclusives

Price per person: Please inquire (price depends on group size)


- Contribution to the local hosts (intended for preservation of the crafts traditions of Krushevo)

- Coffee/tea break and lunch

- Guidance by local guide/translator

Not included:

- Individual expenses


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